Company Culture

Estab­lish­ing repet­i­tive meth­ods of think­ing and han­dling for imple­ment­ing objectives

Deal­ing with the devel­op­ment of the com­pany cul­ture guar­an­tees the sus­tained imple­men­ta­tion of change processes, strat­egy imple­men­ta­tions and qual­ity processes. Devel­op­ing a company’s own cul­ture and val­ues in a tar­geted man­ner enables and strength­ens the cor­po­rate success.


Chang­ing organ­i­sa­tional cul­tures is a long-term process. It is all the more impor­tant to inte­grate all employ­ees with var­i­ous degrees of involve­ment. The approach can­not be stan­dard­ised and must be cus­tom adjusted and designed with the respec­tive organ­i­sa­tion in mind.

How­ever, the fol­low­ing ele­ments must be gen­er­ally taken into account:


  • Analy­sis of the pre­vail­ing cul­ture and its unwrit­ten laws and effects on the organisation
  • Descrip­tion of a tar­get cul­ture, tak­ing into account the strat­egy and processes
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tion with employ­ees as disseminators.
  • Deter­mi­na­tion of steps, mea­sures and imple­men­ta­tion controlling